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Monday, 2 February 2015

Thoughts on: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (So Far)

Dark Kingdom ARC
I guess the first thing we need to talk about is the fact a childhood Anime has come back after everyone thinking it was gone for good.

The animation has changed dramatically for the better. Everything is so much brighter and colourful which makes it so much better as you can clearly tell who and what they are.
The part where they are changing from a civilian into a Sailor Scout, is very good, and really 3D like. I know a lot of people prefer the old version, but you have to admit and say its pretty cool seeing everything like its real-life.

The voice actors are so much better, although Usagi's is just as squeaky and annoying as always. This does help with the fact that this is how it is meant to be, as shes meant to be childish, clumsy and in a way... annoying.

The storyline has of course, changed a lot, as this is based of the Manga (Which we haven't read). The pace of this is so much faster but so much better than the original as you get to meet all of the characters a lot quicker than before, although they did leave the order you meet them, and fact Venus was a little longer than the others.

The intensity and seriousness in this is so much more, its less appealing to young children and more appealing to older children/young adults. The acting is also so much stronger and it gets emotions through a lot better than the original series.

Overall we really enjoyed this ARC and the all new Sailor Moon. If you loved the original, I can very much say, you will enjoy this series (Especially the end of the last episode of the ARC).

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