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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Review of Tokyo Ghoul

I was kind of scared to start this series as I knew it had gore and it was horror... And those two put together isn't normally my cup of tea, but I heard loads of good things about this Anime, so I thought I would venture into the unknown.

The storyline took a while to get into because of those two things that I said, but I got used to it, it's strange to say but this Anime has most certainly helped me expand my horizons on Anime and what I can and cannot stand.

The Animation was really good although there was times when I was a little confused... on why they were animating it this way. 

The Sound was amazing, and the opening OP although I didn't like at first, grew on me... damn you Tokyo Ghoul.
The characters were nearly perfect, even the evil ones. I really loved how they were placed and used in this Anime, although one character should have had more screen time. I have to admit that I felt really sorry for Kaneki and the situation that was dumped onto him.

Overall I really loved this season and can’t wait for the second season that is to come out, really soon.(Jan 2015) 

Final Rating:

Story- 9/10
Animation- 9.5/10
Sound- 10/10
Characters- 9.5/10
Overall- 9/10

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