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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review of Amnesia

The storyline in my opinion was not unique but was told in a unique kind of way. I was kind of confused for like the majority of the anime but because of the content in the anime and the ending I really did enjoy this anime.

Would just like to point out that in this anime the date 1st August means a lot and I was watching most of this anime on that date… CREEPY!!!

The animation and sound were perfect and the opening song was so... Wow... Amazing... tbh I felt like the Opening song was better than some of the anime itself.

The Characters were lacking a lot of development... Well everyone but Heroine. I think because of the type of Anime it was, this was the reason for the lack of development... But still, I think it could have been a lot more.

Overall I just want to say this was a hard anime to get into and also to follow but the bits that were good... Were REALLY good.

Final Rating:

Story- 8/10
Animation- 10/10
Sound- 10/10
Characters- 6/10
Overall- 7.8/10

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