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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review of Inu x Boku SS

The Storyline is weird... But then again it said that in the synopsis. It has elements of uniqueness which I love in Anime... Because if you can pull off an Anime with come uniqueness then you have something some Anime just don’t have. I really enjoyed this storyline; there was just something that helped… I think it’s the mix between the Romance, Comedy, Supernatural and Drama.

The Animation and Sound was good enough and worthy enough... And of course the Opening song was epic…. The endings songs, yes plural... as there was different ones based on different characters, well some were good and some Or at least ONE of them... was bad, and I mean bad.

The Characters were entertaining although... some of them I just hated... just... really hated. The relationship development between Ririchiyo and Soushi was so amazing and truly beautiful.

Overall this Anime managed to cover 4 different genres on one, without putting too much into one and made a very enjoyable and amazing Anime, which I will never forget about.

Final Rating:

Story- 9.5/10
Animation- 10/10
Sound- 9/10
Characters- 8.5/10
Overall- 9/10

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